More Features

HWB Hosting comes with lot of features. Here are few of them.


Instant Setup

As soon as you make a successful payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer (BACS), your web hosting and domain names will be activated immediately. No waiting time whatsoever.


Latest PHP & MySQL

Our network runs the latest stable and secure versions of PHP & MySQL. We also implement strict security and firewall rules protecting your website from unwanted visitors 24/7.


cPanel Included

All hosting accounts come with the latest version of cPanel. This makes life easy for you to do routine tasks such as setting up email addresses and managing MySQL databases.


280+ Install Scripts

All our hosting accounts allow you to install popular software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joolma and Magento in one easy step. Upgrading your software is just as easy!


Dec 7th Domain Price Changes

Why the change? We haven’t changed our domain pricing since HWB Hosting set up in 2015, while our costs, however, have increased over time. Wholesale domain prices are set by the registry and over the past four years have steadily increased. We have absorbed these prices for as long as we can and the new prices are still very ... Read More »

May 23rd 6am to 8am BST

Server Upgrades - Cloud Services are changing: Email Software Settings All login usernames and passwords remain unchanged but you MUST update your mail client settings on move day (Doing so before WILL break your email!) Your new Incoming (POP3/IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) server name, if set to MUST be changed to ... Read More »

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