Why the change?

We haven’t changed our domain pricing since HWB Hosting set up in 2015, while our costs, however, have increased over time. Wholesale domain prices are set by the registry and over the past four years have steadily increased. We have absorbed these prices for as long as we can and the new prices are still very competitive.

Wholesale prices have gone up and the dollar has strengthened against the pound (all purchases ultimately have to convert to USD). Our approach has always been to set prices and absorb increases for as long as possible. Then set a new price that will last as long as is economic. We don’t like sending out price variation emails...

And we’re pretty good at it. We haven't changed domain prices for over 3 years and these changes are still very competitive in the UK market.

What is the change?

New UK domains ( .co.uk | .ltd.uk | .me.uk | .org.uk | .uk )  will now be £10
and any renewals after January 1st 2019, will then be priced at £10

New Hosting packages which have the uk domain inclusive will also increase by £5 to accommodate the new domain price increase
and any renewals will then take the new cost on board from January 1st 2019.


Friday, December 7, 2018

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